Badir - Initiate

Adolescents taking the lead for Public Positive Change

"Badir" (Initiate) programme was launched in 2014 by Al Nayzak organization and UNICEF, as a scaled up progamme of the "Young Researcher" which has been developed and implemented annually since 2007. Throughout previous years, the programme has gained a great reputation over occupied Palestine, and turned into a platform which allows Palestinian adolescents to be at the centre of an ecosystem for sustainable social innovation that promotes resilience and creates positive solutions which can improve their daily lives and the future of their community.

“Badir” (Initiate) Programme in its first round targeted around 13,000 adolescents (aged 12-14) from 130 schools in West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. Its scope of work is to build adolescents’ capacities in critical and logical thinking, and qualify them to come up with scientific researches in social and applied sciences on important issues which they have observed in their communities and willing to offer innovative solutions for the problems through designing entrepreneurial initiatives based on the action researches and needs assessments.
In its second round (2015-2016), Badir reached 225 classrooms in 94 schools across Palestine, in Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus, and Gaza. 9664 students participated in Badir with 225 initiatives that were implemented in 8 Palestinian directories.

Badir is launched in the third year (2016/2017), targeting around 6000 students from the 8th and 9th grades inside 50 schools in the West Bank and Gaza. In its third year through enhancing the capacities of 300 teachers and supervisors who will implement the sessions inside schools. On another level, and for the first year, the program launches “Innovative Projects’ Incubator” to provide distinguished 10th and 11th grade students the opportunity to develop their innovative ideas and projects in engineering, applied sciences, information technology, environment and energy. 



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