Horizons Program

Horizons  aim to support excellent and innovative Jerusalemite high school students in reaching the best higher education institutions in the world by enhancing their soft skills, giving them opportunities to access networks and information, supporting them in choosing their career  path and preparing for admission.
Horizons is part of the broader Al Nayzak’s mission of building an innovative Palestinian society by investing in human capital for preparing the future generations of Palestinian leaders and strive for the socio-economic prosperity of Jerusalem and Palestine.
Horizons accompany the students throughout their high school years through two different pillars of action:
  •   9th and 10th graders are offered soft skills enhancement training sessions throughout the year including on critical thinking, research skills, leadership, cultural awareness and heritage;
  •  11th and 12th graders are paired with an individual mentor and are provided individual counselling on career orientation, preparation to university application and scholarship search and applications.
All mentors are successful Palestinians with international experience living inside or outside the country, who are willing to volunteer their time to support and inspire the students.
Horizons has been established thanks to the engagement and support of Palestinian Philanthropists.
In 2016, Horizons has integrated 35 students and will be selecting an additional 50 for the year 2017. 



Participation Criteria