Play with Science... Enjoy it

“It was once a dream. With determination and persistence, the dream turned into reality…
Congratulations for Palestine on this scientific honor”

                                                                                                                                        Eng. Aref Husseini/ Founder

The Science and Technology House
Dedicated to establishing the National Science and Technology Museum

Since its establishment, Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation has dedicated itself to creating an effective and long lasting change in the Palestinian community. The organization has taken on the fields of science and technology education, critical and logical thinking, scientific and technological entrepreneurship, and systematic social change that depends on scientific research. In order to achieve its mission, the organization worked through a series of chronically conducted programs to incubate talented people from an early age all the way until they are equipped with enough scientific knowledge to realize their scientific potential and produce efficient scientific and technological innovations.

The idea for establishing the first science and technology house in the country comes as a part of the organization’s effort in popularizing science and technology education among the Palestinian society, and providing this society with the latest, hands-on, interactive scientific and technological knowledge. The establishment of the house is considered a great step is in the history of the organization. However, the organization doesn’t stop at this house but continuous working towards its ultimate dream to establish the First Palestinian Science and Technology Museum.
In 2013, Al Nayzak Organization celebrates its ten year anniversary with the opening of the Saadeh Science and Technology House. The organization hopes for it to be the destination for all those seeking knowledge in an interactive and nontraditional manner, as well as it hopes for it to bring out the ties between science and technology and our everyday life.