Sa’adeh Science and Technology House

 The Science and Technology House is a dynamic body that follows the developments and advancements in the scientific, engineering, and technology aspects of our everyday lives. These phenomena are presented to the house’s visitors (children and adults) in an interactive manner that guarantees the visitors’ engagement in the process of knowledge acquisition, and guarantees the visitors’ entertainment with science and technology.

The science house is considered an extracurricular educational institution that assists educators in channeling true knowledge to children in practical and exiting manner. It is also a place to have fun and spend vacation days as it contains various sections that are of interest to all ages and educational levels.

The Science House is named after Sa’adeh family because this prestigious family from Birzeit has donated its old house for 15 years to be renovated and used by Al Nayzak Organization.
The Science House aims at receiving 15 thousand students annually. Currently, the House is a destination for schools where specialized scientific trips are organized to enjoy hours of science and fun in a distinctive manner. The Science House experience is not only limited to specialized scientific visits, but can also re-introduces daily activities and special occasions.