Science House Activities
Specialized courses

 The Science and Technology House provides a number of personalized professional courses for teachers, specialists, university students, staff of different organizations and companies, and for all those interested in science and technology. The details of each course are announced separately and upon request.

Behind Wires – Robotics
For age group 12-17 years

The educational program “Behind Wires - Robotics” is a program that handles the relationship between technology and the society. The program aims to introduce students to what happens behind the scenes of everyday technology. The learners then know the force that binds wires and delivers the information to them in addition to developing their critical capacities of technology, its effects and its uses.

The course is consisted of five level, each level contains 12 weekly session. Each session in this program presents a different value that introduces the students to a different dimension of this world. We believe that students learn best by experimenting, problem solving, or realizing a problem and solving it. Through experimenting, students may learn the uses and benefits of technology

Challenge yourself!
For age group 8-11 years

This educational program consists of 12 sessions which revolve around promoting and enriching the skills of logical and critical thinking in addition to providing scientific explanations to the everyday-life observations in a way that brings science closer to the understanding of the students’ minds.

The program aims to give students a weekly session in developing different thinking skills which result in them acquiring a number of life skills like patience, cooperation, problem solving, possibilities assessments and decision making, dealing with competition, complex thinking and many other. The program further trains them on practicing those skills in their daily life inside and outside school through a unique and exiting class environment
Moreover, it uses hands-on scientific experiments in the discovery of science and encourages students to ask and question all of what they observe in their surroundings.