How to Think?

The “How to Think?” Program revolves around promoting and enriching the skills of logical and critical thinking inside the school environment. The program works through integrating an educational program that uses ordinary and electronic thinking games and uses on an innovative educational curriculum that was developed and trialed through the past six years. “How to Think?” aims to give students a weekly session in developing different thinking skills which result in acquiring a number of life skills such as patience, cooperation, problem solving, possibilities assessments and decision making, dealing with competition, complex thinking and others.
The program further trains students on practicing those skills in their daily life through a unique and exiting class environment and provides schools with thinking games and trainings for school teachers ensuring the sustainability of the program’s methods in schools after the program ends. Thinking through games is an academic program that uses administration and evaluation methods that monitor the students’ progress on several levels of concentration, logical analyses and problem solving.
The educational plan
The comprehensive program is distributed over five equal phases:
1.      How to Think?
2.      Your Brain Solves your Problems
3.      Plan and Execute
4.      Work Together
5.      Think in Reverse