Behind wires - Robotics

“Behind Wires” is a program that handles the relationship between technology and the   society and aims to introduce learners to what happens behind the scenes of everyday technology. The learners then know the force that binds wires and delivers the information to them in addition to developing their critical capacities of technology, its effects and its uses.
In response to the technological evolution in science and engineering fields, and the emergence of the robot technology, it was important for this program to address the Robotics science. What is new in this program is building robots in addition to learning its principles. Robots are used as motivational tools to learn more about engineering, physics, electronics, and mechanics through producing robots as applications to these sciences. Building and programming a robot is considered as the first step to capacitate the learners with important skills to develop and produce technical projects based on original scientific ideas and action research.
Program’s structure:
The program is formed of four different phases which participants pass sequentially:
1. Technology, Society, and I
2. Computer and Internet at my Service
3. Electronic Work
4. Produce Technology