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Annual Programs


Talent Incubation Process


Science and Technology House

The Science House is an extracurricular educational institution that assists educators in channeling true knowledge to children in practical and exiting manner.


Tafkeer- Thinking Technology

"Thinking – Technology" is a distinct educational technology program that aims to develop a generalized effective Palestinian model on how to integrate and use technology in the educational process at schools.

Made in Palestine

Made in Palestine aims at supporting new innovative ideas in science, engineering, and technology, linking the academic experience gained at university level with the technical skills needed to proceed in business.


STEP supports Palestinian students who have innovative project and research ideas in the different fields of applied science, engineering, and technology.


Badir works to build adolescents’ capacities in critical and logical thinking, and qualify them to come up with scientific researches in social and applied sciences on important issues relevant to their communities and helps them offer innovative solutions for the problems through designing entrepreneurial initiatives.

Young Researcher

The Young Researcher program provides adolescents with a chance to discover knowledge, dig deeper into social phenomena, and perform several scientific applications that interest them, urging them to think differently about what they see as important issues related to their community.

Talented Student Incubator

The Talented Students Incubators are interactive fun incubators that aim to foster unique and talented students with advanced mental abilities.

Bridge Palestine

The Bridge program is a national initiative that aims to optimize opportunities for high achieving, innovative and distinguished students in Palestine to enroll in internationally acclaimed universities through a multi-level multi-year capacity building program.


Horizons Program

Horizons Program is a Jerusalemite initiative by Palestinian philanthropists that aims to support innovative Jerusalemite students in Palestine to achieve distinguished higher education in internationally acclaimed universities through optimizing international networks, skills enhancement and development, and providing preparatory opportunities.