Gateway to Excellence Program

Al-Nayzak organization, in partnership with The Welfare, is launching the "Gateway to Excellence" program which aims to develop the skills of Jerusalemite students from the 8th and 9th grades in critical thinking, scientific research and English language in an enjoyable productive process.

“Gateway to Excellence” is an educational program designed to build the abilities and skills of Palestinian students in Jerusalem to have the ability and potential to compete for world-class educational opportunities.
The project aims to enhance leadership and entrepreneurship so the students can decide and contribute positively to the change relating to their future in particular and the community in general.
The program is aimed at outstanding, Jerusalem resident students in secondary school (8th and 9th grads) who lack real opportunities that are concerned mainly with the individual and his skills. Students will work through three scientific clubs based on age groups including science and astronomy, discovery and leadership in order to strengthen their thinking and research abilities through interactive and fun means in conjunction with intensive English language training.
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