Physics and Electricity in the Street

The Physics and Electricity program aims to develop learners’ capacities and further advance their skills in critical thinking through sensory experiences,  identifying variables and finding connections between them.  The program provides an interesting journey around the worlds of electronics and physics and is considered as a link between acquired knowledge and practical application.
The program responds to the emerging educational requirements including inquiry and exploration where laboratories define the broad concept of experimental work, a process in which learners achieve the best in learning science inside and outside the school environment.  Therefore, Al Nayzak works on implementing activities and experiences that aim to develop students’ advanced thinking skills as well as their abilities in critical thinking. Such skills are built through sensory experiences, identifying variables and dealing with advanced technologies, in addition to using scientific research methods focusing on the use of basic scientific processes, such as observation, measuring, explication, prediction, suggesting and testing Hypotheses, identifying variables, designing and implementing experiments, data representation, and extracting and explaining results. This comes along with developing students’ interests and positive tendencies towards science and laboratory work.