Talent Incubation Process

Al Nayzak Organization works with a strategic programs plan that depends on continuous annual programs and aims at incubating talents within an educational curriculum that starts with the young and continues with them on the road to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Therefore, Al Nayzak started since the year 2001 to develop interactive educational programs in the human and natural sciences and engineering, in addition to prepare suitable curricula that include the content, the guidelines, and the supportive scientific material. All the interactive educational programs are integrated in the programs plan, according to the following course:

At the age of 10, children join Al Nayzak as they show talent through the incubators program. They graduate in eighth grade and join, as they show interest in human science, in Young Researcher Program in order to work on innovative community participation, or join Palestinian Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program-STEP if they are interested in research and development in applied science and engineering. After high school, young people with original innovative ideas join Made In Palestine or Made In Jerusalem Programs.

Al Nayzak programs have limited duration but maintain the innovative scientific structure of the organization.
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