Establishment Journey

 The initiative of establishing and operating the First Science and Technology House in Palestine comes as a continuation of Al Nayzak’s efforts in building a generation of critical thinkers who depend in their everyday life on scientific and practical learning. Further, it supports the organization’s attempts providing additional interactive and hands-on scientific resources to support the education of the official curricula in science and technology, and fill the deficiency in the schools’ resources.

In early 2009, Al Nayzak initiated the planning and research for the establishment of the house. Later in 2010 Al Nayzak organization found the suitable place for the house in the old town of Birzeit. Choosing the house in the heart of Birzeit’s old town combines the ancient structure and characteristics of the house and the town, with the modern knowledge in science and technology. This approach provides advanced knowledge within a context that is familiar and enriched in the culture and daily life of the people.

The vision of the organization met with that of the house’s owners (Saadeh family) especially with Mr. Ra’ed Saadeh, and met with Al Rozana Association in Birziet, experts in heritage preservation and an active association in reviving the old town of Birzeit. Al Nayzak then initiated its full funding and implementation of the renovation process of the old house to be a pioneer home for science and knowledge. The renovation process came with the sole funding of Al Nayzak Organization.

The renovation was done on two levels, the first is the rehabilitation of the house and its infrastructure, and the second is placing appropriate scientific infrastructure and equipment to suite operating the scientific exhibitions and laboratories.